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In addition, you get direct support from Dr. Gannon when you need it!

Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse comes with everything you will need for a great experience- the very best cleansing product on the market today and an eBook explaining step by step just what you need to do to tailor this cleanse to your needs and lifestyle.

You can have a successful cleanse regardless of how busy your life is, and regardless of your commitment.

Dr. Gannon has led hundreds of people in Aspen, Colorado on the Aspen Cleanse and is now making this profound experience available to people all over the world.  Every aspect of the cleanse and every ingredient of the product has been thought out to bring you the most remarkable preventive health experience possible!

Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse is designed to work for you and your busy schedule, with no fasting or fad aspects to make you feel toxic and sick like other cleanses.  How many times have you heard friends say how sick they felt on a particular cleanse? Do you know why?  Because when you cleanse you move toxins and heavy metals from your fat and muscle tissue.  If these toxic substances are not metabolized by the liver, they will be circulating all over again making you feel lethargic, sick and nauseous.  Your liver is a chemical factory and needs a powerhouse of nutrients to manage and process the toxins it comes in contact with.   Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse is designed to support the most important liver detoxification pathways so that your toxins will be metabolized and eliminated safely so that you will feel your best, starting on day one!

Why Cleanse?

We all know how toxic certain aspects of our environment are.  The presence of toxic heavy metals like mercury and lead in our food or environment, along with toxicity that we impose on ourselves through alcohol and drugs, both recreational and prescription, is just the start of it.  I believe that detoxification is one of the biggest steps you can do to improve your health, if done correctly!

I have led cleansing programs for hundreds of people through my practice in Aspen and South Beach.  In all this time, I feel I have developed the best and most comprehensive detoxification program available, and that is what I am offering here with The Aspen Cleanse Program.

Whatever your health goals are, PROPER detoxification is key.  I say ‘proper’ because in my years of clinical practice as a naturopathic physician, I have seen countless detoxification products on the market and internet, as well as those brought in by patients.

RARELY AM I IMPRESSED!  Most products have laxative herbs, or “proprietary blends” listing 5 to 20 ingredients contained in only a few milligrams.  These blends may look good to you, the consumer, but from my perspective as a doctor who knows the ingredients well, they aren’t effective to actually do any real good for your body and liver.  These ineffective numerous ingredients listed on the label are known in the industry as ‘window dressing’ and are there  to give the impression that you are getting more.  A good product will have the actual amount listed of every single ingredient- individually, not as some hidden ‘proprietary blend.’  Trust me, if it says ‘proprietary blend’, run the other way!  It is not worth your time and money!



The Aspen Cleanse Program is the most comprehensive detoxing program you will find anywhere.  It is loaded with EVERYTHING that you will need to effectively detox your liver, colon and kidneys, and get you on your way to a brand new start to your health!

The Aspen Cleanse comes with the very highest quality products available on the market:  everything you will need for a 2 to 4 week cleanse:

Dr. Gannon’s Power Detox Packets:  all the daily nutrients you will need to effectively help your liver to metabolize the many toxins your body will release.  These convenient take-anywhere packets have what you need for ultimate blood sugar support, ensuring the most success for saying no to the carbs and alcohol.

Essential Greens:  this organic greens powder can be mixed in water daily for the ultimate in whole foods nutrition, helping to alkalize your system and provide real fruit and vegetable nutrition.  Whether at home, at work, or on the go, you will be ensured of chloraphyl-rich greens to neutralize and remove toxins from the system.

Essential Probiotic Blend:  These probiotics are the very best on the market!  Each daily capsule offers over 50 billion of the most effective probiotics available.  This is one of the most important aspects of the cleanse as these bacteria are chosen for their positive effect on the small and large intestines and their ability to attach to heavy metals and toxins to remove them from the system.  Chapters can be written about the positive effects of these probiotic strains on the body and gastrointestinal terrain, but I will save that for another time.  Just know that you are not cleansing unless you are taking probiotics as good as these!  These are the same probiotics I use to help hundreds of patients every year with acute and chronic gastrointestinal and genito-urinary tract problems, with amazing results.  These incredible probiotics are guaranteed to survive stomach acid and start colonizing the GI tract, so that you will experience their benefits long beyond doing the cleanse!


The Aspen Cleanse is geared to help balance your blood sugar and insulin levels, so that your sugar cravings will be under control!  What is THAT worth to you?  You know it would be impossible to do a great cleanse if you find your old habits of grabbing for the sugar still haunting you!  The Aspen Cleanse will take care of that nicely, so that you can have the power to pass up on the candy, the alcohol, the desserts, and move on to a better feeling you!

Included with the program are written guidelines to help enhance your cleanse to be the most effective possible, with cooking and diet guidelines, as well as activities that will jump start your cleanse to the highest level that you desire.

The Aspen Cleanse Program is NOT a fast!

In fact, you will be encouraged to eat and eat often, and discover that it is WHAT YOU EAT that will ultimately affect your true health and well-being.  This program will help you figure out what is best for you- FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!   This program will be your key to figuring out your individual diet –  what you should eat so that you will be feeling your absolute best, and help you to know what foods are not doing it for you.  Just because something is in a health food store does not mean it is healthy…just because something is ‘good for you’ does not mean it is good for YOU!  You owe it to yourself to figure out what foods make you sick, and what foods make you click!  That will be knowledge you will carry with you for the rest of your life!…knowledge that can save your life.  The Aspen Cleanse comes with all the written material and advice you will need in order to most effectively implement this amazing program to suit your needs and lifestyle the best!

The Aspen Cleanse will get you on your way to a whole new you!

Think of it as a 100,000 mile tune up for your body!

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Introduction to Cleanse and Detoxification from Dr. Paul Gannon on Vimeo.


If you want to lose weight, a detox program is for you.  Most people experience weight loss while cleansing, due to the dietary changes that they implement while on a cleanse.  When the pounds start coming off, many toxic compounds that have been stored in your fat and muscle cells will be released into circulation.

Having a proper detoxification protocol as part of your weight loss is crucial, as the toxic compounds released from fat cells need to be processed by the liver.  The liver is a chemical factory, literally, and requires many nutrients and antioxidants to do its job.  If the nutrients needed by the liver to process these toxic heavy metals and carcinogenic compounds are not available, then these toxic compounds will be re-deposited right back into the fat and muscle tissue, doing damage all over again.

The Aspen Cleanse will protect you from toxic compounds, ensuring their proper processing by the liver and safe removal from the body.  You just can’t go wrong with the The Aspen Cleanse if you are planning on losing weight.

And, as stated above, it is designed with nutrients and herbs to help control your sugar cravings naturally and safely, while helping to stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels, so that you can have power over your cravings.  This is one of the most important factors available to you in order to help you lose weight!

Weight gain and the inability to lose weight can be highly associated with food intoleranceS.  This means that you may be eating foods that are seemingly healthy, and may be considered as such, but may be very unhealthy for YOUR body.  Without the presence of a full-blown allergic reaction (eyes swelling or skin reaction, or in the worse case, an emergency anaphylactic reaction), you may have no indications of whether or not you have a food allergy.  In the written guidelines for the Power Detox Program, I will go over the steps to take in order to discover whether or not you have a food intolerance- WITHOUT expensive blood testing!

Think of how wonderful it would be to actually look at a cookie and think, “I really don’t want that”!

No other cleansing program will give you this amount of support and this amount of success.

You owe it to yourself as part of your future to start working toward your ideal body!  You deserve to be feeling your best, EVERY day!  And The Aspen Cleanse is your ticket to getting there!



Dealing with fertility issues is beyond frustrating to say the least.  The myriad of pharmaceutical interventions, along with the feeling that time is running out, is a huge burden to carry.  But what if things were not as complicated as you may be left to believe by the expensive fertility specialists?  What if a toxic overload or hormonal imbalances stemming from an under active liver could be at the base of your inability to conceive or sustain a pregnancy?  Believe it or not, it could be THAT simple.  I see it in my practice all the time.

The bottom line is that you do not know until you try, and as a doctor, I can offer no simpler way to be sure than doing a cleanse.  You have nothing to lose.  The Aspen Cleanse can be tailored to last from two to four weeks and nothing that you will be doing is dangerous.  At the least, it will offer many aspects of improved health.  At the most, it could be the key to improving fertility and the ability to sustain a pregnancy.

If you want to get pregnant, I can think of no other more effective way to start than doing an effective cleansing program.  I start all women desiring pregnancy on a cleanse, with amazing success afterward, especially with more difficult fertility cases.

Think about it…when a woman get’s pregnant, the ‘morning sickness’ commonly experienced is the equivalent of 100 birth control pills hitting her system at once.  The liver is the organ primarily responsible for processing this hormonal deluge, so does it makes sense to have the liver working as smoothly as possible before getting pregnant!

In addition to the increase in hormonal processing that the liver deals with, growing a baby takes a lot of a woman’s reserve.  It is simply smart medicine to clean out beforehand, so that you are not dipping into toxic reserves while you are growing your baby in-utero and while breast feeding.  (Toxic reserves can be from compounds such dioxins from the environment, pesticides that build up in fat tissue, or  toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead, amongst too many others to mention).

Please note: if you are already pregnant OR breastfeeding, you can NOT detox!  If you have any issues that you are concerned about in this regard, I would be happy to consult with you.  In some circumstances modified ‘cleansing’ is possible, but only under the supervision of a qualified licensed naturopath who is experienced in such specialized protocols.  Don’t trust your health and that of your baby to advice over the internet.

Consulting in this regard would require that we do an actual appointment together, as I cannot give advice without documenting your full case- it just would not be prudent for your health any other way.



Cancer is an awful diagnosis to contend with, and related to all things toxic in our world.  Detoxification any time one has the energy to do so is crucial when it comes to treatment.

However, I do NOT recommend my cleansing protocol if you are in the midst of actually getting chemotherapy.  Many different compounds (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, herbs) can interfere with chemotherapy and you absolutely need a naturopathic doctor on-board who knows the ins and outs of prescribing properly while you are undergoing chemo, and one who can work personally with you to ensure you are not doing anything that would compromise your chemotherapy.  Don’t expect your oncologist to support you taking anything else but their prescribed chemo. This is normal and to be expected! Natural therapeutics are not what M.D.s are trained to do, nor where their knowledge is based.  You take your pet to a vet, and yourself to a dermatologist when dealing with skin issues.  The same is true of natural medicine- if that is what you want seek the advice of a licensed naturopathic physician. *  (For more on naturopathic co-management of cancer CLICK HERE).

Natural therapeutic intervention and co-management should be a crucial treatment option with anyone with cancer, and a cleansing strategy may be an important part of your wellbeing, depending on your situation.

Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse is appropriate to start once you are off of most chemotherapies or radiation for about a week and as long as you have the energy to carry it out.

As a naturopathic physician, I have many patients refusing all conventional treatments, while most are doing a mix of both conventional treatments as well as natural therapeutics.  I respect my patients’ decisions either way.  However, know that in no way would I recommend this cleansing program as a sole treatment for anyone with a cancer diagnosis.  If you have cancer, do yourself and your health justice and be under the care of a licensed, qualified, naturopathic physician, so that you can be sure that you are doing everything possible, and as effectively as possible.  And do make sure that you are dealing with a naturopathic physician who carries a license from a state or province that licenses naturopathic medicine.


Chronic Illness of any sort creates the need for detoxification.  Any toxic burden can make your condition worse, from stored toxic heavy metals to the creation of compounds from the your own immune system.

But more importantly, if you are dealing with a chronic illness, you must discover if something that you are eating, something that you thought was actually healthy, is making you sick.

Power Detox is the perfect program to give you the tools and motivation to discover if something that you are eating is making you sick.

I have been leading cleansing programs for over ten years and treating hundreds of patients with chronic illness from rheumatoid arthritis to lupus.  No matter what your case is, you must rule out the possibility of a food allergy causing your condition to be worse.

A food allergy would not be the cause of your illness, but it could be the thing making your symptoms manifest, and the difference of you needing pharmaceutical intervention or not; it is the key for accessing the best possibility to cure (or live comfortably with) a chronic disease.

The Aspen Cleanse Program comes with an abundance of information to help you figure out what foods will make you tick and what foods will make you sick!


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I sincerely believe that I am offering the very best program available.

Your liver is a virtual chemical factory processing every sort of toxin every moment of the day, from dioxins and carcinogenic compounds from plastics, to toxins that are created even from your own digestive system, from overeating and from overuse of anti-biotics.

My program includes all of the nutritional and herbal factors you will need to support your detoxification. Along with this, you will be educated on things you can do to help support your cleanse.  There will be many food recommendations for you to choose from, and that is the key-  YOU chose how intense you want to go with things.  This cleanse is on YOUR terms.  Whether you are working 50 hours a week or want to go full-throttle, you can decide what you want it to be, and no matter what your speed you will be getting a superb cleanse!  You decide the length of the cleanse, from 2 to 4 weeks…you decide what foods, if any, you want to remove from your diet…you decide what, if any, activities you do to push your cleansing process a little or a lot…ALL THE GUIDELINES FOR A REMARKABLE CLEANSE ARE INCLUDED IN THE WRITTEN MATERIAL GIVEN TO YOU WITH THE FULL PURCHASE OF THE PROGRAM!


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You owe it to yourself to do a well thought out cleanse…you owe it to your health!

Take advantage of giving your system a rejuvenating break and some simplification while you stretch, breathe, and sweat your way to a healthier you!

Doing Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse will leave you wondering what sugar is and why you ever wanted it, while being an excellent vehicle for more balance and freedom of your mind.

Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse is not a fast!  (In fact, I will be encouraging you to eat often while on the cleanse- with great recommendations for healthy food choices).

You WILL have abundant energy to go about your work week, and be able to still be at the top of your game in whatever you do!

I will supply you with all needed materials for a 2-4 week cleanse, allowing you some flexibility with intensity and timing. (Intense for 2 weeks or less so when used over one month)

All detoxification protocols I have developed are loaded with anti-oxidants, nutrients and detoxification factors that support neutralizing the bad things, along with ensuring the easy removal of toxins from your body as they are being removed from your tissues (Fat, muscle, organs).

All of my protocols are designed to detox heavy metals and the like via the intestines, which is the only safe way, sparing your delicate kidneys of that potentially damaging burden.

In addition to product, when you order the Power Detox program, you will get comprehensive written material about detoxing to enhance your learning experience and offer some variables to make your cleansing experience your own.



30 packet canister of Dr. Gannon’s Power Detox : Each packet contains 7 vegan capsules

You may chose to take one packet with lunch for one week to initiate the cleanse, then twice a day for the second week (breakfast and lunch is perfect), then back down to one packet for the third week of a three week cleanse.  (Or take twice a day for a 2 week cleanse or once a day for a month cleanse).

Whichever way you do it, you will benefit.

Each packet is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and nutritional co-factors to enhance every aspect of your body’s ability to clear and mobilize toxins out of your body!

30 servings of organic greens powder: Dr. Gannon’s Essential Greens.    This is the most comprehensive greens formula you will find!  It is absolutely loaded with chlorophyll and plant compounds to tonify and alkalinize your body from the cellular level.  You may find these greens so concentrated that they will last you beyond your cleanse, or allow you many servings throughout the day.   You can mix the greens powder in any amount of liquid, and make it as strong or weak as you desire to your liking.

Dr. Gannon’s Essential Probiotic Blend:   These are the GOOD bacteria of your intestines, and these are the very best available on the market! Each daily serving is over 50 billion organisms of live acidophilus and bifidus.  Compare that with what you may have in your refrigerator or with what you may buy in the store!  These are about the only probiotics on the market that I truly trust, as they contain strains that will actually colonize and grow in your intestines (unlike the bacteria in yogurt which are more transitory and want to colonize milk) and they survive stomach acid when taken on a full stomach.  All probiotics products are not created equal- trust me on this- you do not want to be throwing your money away on health food store brands that are either dead or dying bacteria, or not the strains of bacteria that they are claiming on the label, or bacteria that are not surviving beyond your stomach acid.

There are hundreds of species and trillions of bacterial cells in your intestines!  Make sure you are supplementing with the most effective species!

The probiotics are lactose-free.

All products listed above, in addition to comprehensive written material to assist you in every possible way on the cleanse is $245.

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Do I need to take my regular supplements with the cleanse?

You will not need to take any additional VITAMINS while doing this protocol.  However, if you are on certain supplements which are more specialized (for things other than cleansing) these can be included.  This would include things like glucosamine/chondroitin, CoQ10, SAMe, hormones, and extra minerals for building bone density, fish oils, etc.

What about my medications while cleansing?

You should never discontinue any medications without the proper instructions on how to do so from your  prescribing doctor.  It is just fine (and crucial to your health!) to stay on all meds while cleansing.

Is there anything that should be avoided while cleansing?

Yes, grapefruit – that is the short answer, due to how it can potentially slow down the Phase 2 detoxification enzymes.  Do be sure to read through all the informational pages supplied with your cleanse for the most optimized results.

Is the cleanse Vegan-Friendly?

Yes it is.  All capsules are from cellulose.  All food consumed while on the cleanse can be whatever you want it to be.


Important: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and this program is not designed to treat any specific health problem or to be used in place of real medical advice.  Keep in mind that this is a program that uses specific product in combination with recommended lifestyle aspects to achieve the results presented here.  Each person is different and depending on your health needs, the amount of effort you need to put into the program to achieve your goals will be unique to you.  That said, this program is designed to be the best cleanse possible and easiest experience for you to implement.   Dr. Gannon’s Aspen Cleanse and detoxing program are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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