Love is the purest of all emotions and the most healing of all emotions.  There is absolutely no more powerful medicine than love.

Our entire lives are based on the love we receive as children, our happiness in life comes down to the love we receive and give, and if you are on death’s doorstep the only thing that matters to you and gives you comfort is love.  Love is the language of the soul.

Do you find yourself entering into the new year with any angst toward a situation or a person, or wanting a shift to your health?  Often we do not know where to turn for resolve.  Our paradigms so far have primarily been to be in an active dialog or mediation to clear a situation.  But as you may know, this is not always possible, especially if there is a deceased person affiliated with that angst, or a corporation, law, or group of people involved where a conversation is impossible or not immediate.

And all these undesirables in our lives lead to stress- a lot of it!  We all know how destructive stress is, and there are studies galore that prove just this. Magazines and doctors love to point out just how bad stress is, but have you ever read an absolutely easy way to rid this stress?   That is what this is all about – the easiest way possible to transform your outlook, your health, your happiness, your difficulties, your disagreements, your stress, and achieve resolve quickly.

Enter love and a different bend on meditation.

I want to meditate more.  I love how I feel when I have a regular meditative practice, but frankly, I get busy and don’t get to it enough, and ultimately get bored with ‘concentrating on my breath’ anyway.

I was meditating on new year’s morning and this occurred to me so blatantly obvious, and I had such a profound shift that I want to share this with you.

You can meditate so much easier than ever before and not be bored:  rather than concentrating on your breath, you concentrate on the feeling of love.

Somehow this is just easier to do.  Regular breath-focused meditation relies on quieting your mind which is actually a hell of a lot of cerebral work. It relies on actually tricking your mind to focus on something else- your breath, which requires you to keep shifting your concentration back to your breath, then back to your breath.  Damn that is a task and a half.

But what is so exciting about this love-focused meditation is that you are concentrating on a feeling, a sensual emotion, love; something tangible that you actually feel in your heart and throughout all the cells of your body. This focus, being physically sensational, is much easier to do.  There is no controlling the brain to stop thinking about things; the refocusing happens automatically and seemingly without any effort at all.

When you truly feel the essence of love to the core of your being, which by the way can be the case in a matter of seconds, you are changing the polarity of every cell in your body.  This cellular energy shift is one of the strongest forces you can impose on your immune system.  And from that comes your ability to fight cancer or the flu. You become a universal transmitter. This is affecting your aura and what you attract or sometimes more importantly, do not attract.

Step one– get into the quiet state- you can even do this in bed, morning and night. What better way to start and end your day?

Step two– think about someone or something you love.  The more unconditional the love, the more powerful the shift.  (a spouse, a child, a pet, a family member, a kind act, etc.)

That’s it.

Once you feel that love, dwell on it.  Breathe in and imagine that love filling every ounce of your body.

As thoughts of problematic situations come up, you just breathe the feeling of love into the person or situation. Things then magically transform in their own time.

When you come out of the bliss from the love meditation, you are indeed a changed person.

Each time you raise the level of love to affect every cell of your body, and each time you project it, you are enhancing healing in your body, and ultimately the world.