I’ve been patiently waiting for this day for something like 20 years.  Honestly! Back in the day I got all caught up in the end of the world and the apocalypse and how it was all going to be destroyed, and a few people still alive with the roaches were going to be part of this new beginning.  There were some Biblical references there somewhere too.  And every once in a while someone will laugh hysterically and hold me accountable for a phone call they got way back when and ask, “Do you remember that time when you thought New York City was going to get nuked and you called me to tell me to get out?!”  And I cringe while laughing at my former self.

So today, 12.21.12 is finally here. The end of the Mayan calendar. The end of the world as we know it, and I feel better than fine.  Honestly I think the Mayans just moved and took the next calendar with them and we haven’t found it yet.  Or maybe they were like, “That’s enough. We can stop now. We’re all going to be dead then so who are we making this calendar for anyway?”  Personally I prefer my cat calendar over the Mayan one.

But seriously. As we look into the new beginning that this fortuitous time offers- the start of a new world as we say goodbye to a past era, it allows us all to look forward to a time of advanced progression and enlightenment like the world has never seen before.  That is what I think the take away of 12.21.12 offers us today.

And what better way to start anew and become that light-being we have only meditated on previously, than hear from an old friend via Facebook.

Love it or hate it, I just realized this new purpose for Facebook and see it as a critical and essential aspect of this present time and space reality.  For what reason are we actually on this planet other than to be the best souls we can in this material playground?  Life is a game and we are working and playing with friends and foes to figure it all out.  What are we taking with us but our souls, and with that the experience and spiritual growth our souls have accumulated here in this world?  All the accolades and money mean nothing when we transition, but the peacefulness, love and sincerity of our souls is what carries with us.

Enter Facebook.  Last week I got a message, “By chance did you ever live in London and know Sam and Jill?”  Oh my gosh I did!  And oh my gosh I thought Sam and Jill wanted nothing to ever do with me again.  I had written them something like three letters at least after I left London and I never heard back from them.  So my mind went to where any mind would naturally go to (right?): that they must hate me!  And I remembered all the times I missed the last train back to Surrey (at the lame hour of 11 p.m.) and spent the night on their couch.  Or the time I was living with Jill’s mother for a few months in London while I was doing a gallery exhibit.  I was making my ‘art’ in her backyard; I was charring a barrel full of 200 pounds of marrow bones. They didn’t quite char as fast as I wanted, so instead they only smoldered and smelled like bacon cooking for many many hours.  Actually it was days, but I would like to forget that part- and hopefully Jean has too. Then I remembered my car getting towed during the install of the show. But as I write this I realize it couldn’t have been my car that got towed, as I didn’t own one over there, so it must have been Sam’s!  Oi vey.  And here was their 17 year old son contacting me through Facebook.  He wasn’t even conceived when I hung out with his parents.

So this was a chance for me to actually clean this up- if not for them, but for me.  To move on, but really move on.  This is an opportunity that we sometimes have to wait until we die for; for that time of meeting these soul friends of ours on the other side and say, “Oh my gawd!  Remember the time back on Earth when…?!”

And it all came clear to me.  The bullies from grade school friending me on Facebook- something I didn’t understand before.  When that happened I was thinking, “Why the XXXX do they want to be my friend? Do they want to torture me now too?”  And then I got it, shortly after I was emailing my old friend:  it’s all about new beginnings in the new world. New beginnings with all the people we once shared less than optimal parts of ourselves with. A chance for even the bullies to reconcile and think that by friending someone on Facebook they are saying sorry for being such an asswipe in grade school.

The world ends today, just as it did yesterday and ten years ago.  And today is that cliché of clichés, “the first day of the rest of your life!”  And whether you were that bully reaching out to your abusees, or that person needing to make amends for past trespasses because saying the Our Father didn’t cut it…well now there is Facebook.

Our new beginning. Thank you Facebook!  (Now where did the Mayans put the new calendar?)