Cancer Co-Management


Unfortunately, having a diagnosis of cancer is one of the most difficult things anyone will deal with in their lifetime. Engaging integrative oncology is, in my opinion, the very best route that anyone could take. I work with all oncology clients on an annual basis only.

At the center of naturopathic cancer co-management are the very best integrative therapies available:  nutritional medicine, diet, herbal medicine, homeopathy for symptom management, as well as what could be referred to as mind-body medicine: discussing and processing all that you have going on, as mental and emotional stress and stability are a fundamental and crucial aspect to address while treating cancer in order to preserve your quality of life.

Regardless of the treatment that is being offered to you or that you are in the midst of, whether it is surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, or surveillance, I will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that we have all of your bases covered for the best quality of life for each and every day.

Natural medicine is an excellent addition to a treatment. In some cases certain things can actually enhance the effectiveness of a particular chemotherapy or radiation, while other things can detract from effectiveness, so having a licensed naturopathic physician whom you can trust is crucial.

Navigating this immense field is a daunting task and something you absolutely should not attempt to do without the advice of a licensed naturopathic physician. There are nuances to the use of nutritional and herbal supplements with cancer that you will not find on the internet and not find with a ‘health coach.’  I have spent the last 18+ years in practice specializing in cancer co-management with thousands of patients and this experience is what I bring to the table.

Just because something is ‘natural’ or an herb, or an ‘antioxidant’, does not mean that it is good for you, good for fighting cancer, or in the worse case, actually safe to be doing.  i.e.: sometimes particular nutrients must be avoided with certain chemotherapy regimens.  The most dangerous thing I hear that patients are told by their oncologist is to take ‘nothing more than a multi-vitamin’.  A multi-vitamin is the very first thing I tell every cancer patient to get off of!  You must only be supplementing with specific multi vitamin/mineral formulas and these must be chosen in combination with your current treatment.  And when it comes to herbs, timing is everything so that these do not interact with a treatment. As well, quality must be optimized along with adequate dosages in order to help effectiveness.

What I offer to you as a naturopathic physician specializing in the co-management of cancer is support as you need it for any of the following:

  • Ongoing side effect management from any treatment (or in the best case, prevention)
  • Ongoing dietary advice and recommendations to support you through your journey for optimizing weight, strength and immune system.
  • Ongoing supplement evaluation and recommendations to include herbal and nutritional factors as well as supporting agents such as homeopathic remedies or other supplements
  • Ongoing modification of supplements based on any treatment changes, whether surgical, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation or surveillance.
  • Prevention for your future health focusing on risks that may have been acquired due to previous treatments.
  • Ongoing lab evaluation as you receive them from your oncologist

I am asked all the time if I have experience with a particular kind of cancer (or disease for the matter).  This is a question I do not answer, as you are different from every other patient I have worked with and any recommendations we discuss will be unique to you. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF I HAVE WORKED WITH YOUR CANCER BEFORE! (it is rare that I have not). Naturopathic medicine works on treating the whole person and all aspects of your health to help you feel your best, be your strongest, and ultimately help your body conquer cancer!

Cancer co-management, from my perspective as a naturopathic doctor, is based on supporting the body to heal as best it can on its own through optimizing the immune system, detoxing from toxins, eating to support optimal health, correctly using anti-oxidants, reducing stress, and enhancing/instituting a positive mindset to work through the illness in the most effective way possible.  As you can see, with all of these factors on the table, there is so much you can do regardless of the actual cancer lineage that is present.  It is best to honor that you are your own history and no one else’s.

I see more vitality and better quality of life in those people who seek the advice of a licensed naturopathic physician for help with co-managing their cancer care.  I strive to offer the very best naturopathic co-management of cancer and can offer you my utmost dedication to your optimal outcome.



At this time I only do a one year flat fee for my service: $2250 per year which includes all consultations for 12 months, which allows us to be in contact on a regular basis so that all side effects or problems are managed to support your quality of life to be as high as possible. Additionally all supplements are discounted at least 15%- with higher cost supplements discounted at 25%.

-One-time appointments do not serve the patient and I no longer do these.  As treatments, symptoms and labs change, we must be in touch and care must be monitored with follow-up appointments

– a $75 fee is charged for credit card processing of this amount, or check can be sent (once paid there are no refunds in part or whole for the annual flat fee)


(305) 491-9209



Unfortunately cancer is affecting so many around us that we love, that I get inquiries every day from family members and friends seeking integrative care for their loved ones.

It is imperative to have the person needing treatment on-board with seeking integrative therapies. Please have them read this page.

Please honor where your loved ones are in their journey.

Please keep in mind that your loved one with cancer is most likely getting pressure from many of those around them to ‘get this herb’ or ‘see this doctor’ or ‘get this treatment’.  Although you may know the benefit of a more integrated approach, keep in mind that your friend or family member may not know of this approach, or may not want to add this to their journey at this time. That is their choice and something that you must honor. Perhaps showing them the page above will help their understanding of utilizing an integrative approach, and that is truly all that you can do in some cases.

I believe, as you may also, that it is imperative to have a naturopathic physician on board for any cancer co-management. We are the experts in employing safe and effective natural therapies that work in conjunction with various treatments.