Dr. Paul,

My family and I would like to thank you for your medical advice and recommendations, which have undoubtedly led to Michael’s speedy recovery and continued good health. We had exhausted all the avenues of traditional medicine and had become desperate as they all failed. After our initial meeting I felt confident that I had finally found the “right” practitioner to resolve Michael’s problem. Michael is currently in good health thanks to you. I am eternally grateful.

With love from the ……. Family, Golden, CO

Working with Dr. Gannon was a great experience, he was very intuitive and really listened, something I have been searching for in a doctor for a very long time.” DS, Personal Trainer – Miami Beach, FL.

Dear Dr. Paul,

Thanks for all your time and effort. You really have put a lot into my protocol. It’s information and a lifestyle that I will follow for the rest of by life! I feel great! A few people have asked me what I have been doing because my skin looks so much better. Thanks again!
P.K., Elgin, IL

Hi Dr. P

In our conversation earlier this afternoon, I forgot to give you another big thank you. I have lost all the weight I wanted and have gone 5 lbs below my goal weight of 187 lbs. I am now 182 lbs down from 207 lbs. Thanks again for helping me with my diet.

You are truly a remarkable doctor.

P.O., NY

Dr. Paul,

I can’t thank you enough for helping me figure out my health so that I can now live without the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

The inflammation in my hands totally went away after 20 years- This has changed my life forever! I had so much pain and I had to use a 4 finger cup in the morning because I didn’t have the strength to hold it up. Amazing the limitations we can create by not understanding the power of food in our diets. It does change everything, on every level when you’re not operating out of pain. Thank you for your amazing work in this field. You are a blessing to anyone who has you as a doctor. And your Power Detox Cleanse is the best I have ever done!

Looking forward to seeing you soon- socially!

D.F., Glenwood Springs, CO

Dr. Gannon.
This is the first month since I can remember that I was not derailed by my severe menstrual problems.
I thought what I was going through all those years was normal and part of the “joy” of being a woman.
Thank you for  your sincere concern and your effective treatment plan.  After just a few months I feel amazing and my family is thrilled!
S.T.,  Miami, FL

My winter is going very well. I love winter!!! I say that this season because I feel so good from having your recommendations. …..nothing short of a miracle for all that has been ailing me!!!! -G.S, Basalt, CO

As I have said before and to many since, you helped me immensely by establishing a baseline, I never new how good YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL. Feel free to use me as an endorsement, ya know the other obvious but not intended side effect was that I lost at least 10 pounds and it stayed off, (weird as I don’t diet but needed to loose the weight anyway) So thanks again and keep sharing in the goodness.
JF, Aspen, CO

Hi Dr. Gannon,
Amazing news. I had a check up with my new doctor, and my labs came back normal and negative! I haven’t had a normal level in years and I have no doubt that it was a result of following your protocol. I cannot express to you my happiness that I went with my gut feeling to follow your protocol, and my appreciation that you were able to help me find other treatments. I will be following up with my new doctor every few months, but I am confident that I can maintain such great results. Really, I cannot thank you enough! Hoping all is well!
Best, P.T., Miami