If you are ready to experience positive change to your health, then you are in the right place!

Regardless of where you are located, I consult via Zoom, Viber, Skype or phone, and know that this does not compromise the work we do together. 

I have been consulting internationally in-person and virtually since 2000, in naturopathic complimentary medicine (also referred to by some as alternative medicine).

Please note that I do not employ an office staff and appreciate you reading below to answer your basic questions. My clients interface directly with me at all times- no office staff to maneuver through.


Pricing is as follows for consultations:

30 min consultations are $180

Two consultations purchased at the same time are $325: this can also be used as a one hour consultation or two 30 min c0nsultations

< For initial consultations I usually recommend 60 minutes >

Follow up appointments are recommended based on your case

Insurance and Medicare billing:
Unfortunately I am not able to accept or bill any insurance or Medicare/Medicaid.


To make an appointment please fill out this contact form below and I will reach out to you by the end of the day. Some appointments can occur the same day or next.


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