Dr. Paul Gannon, naturopathic physician

Cooking at a yoga retreat* in Yelapa, Mexico

Cooking Videos

I am a food enthusiast and see the nutrition in foods as an essential component of overall health and well being.

My aim with these videos is to help those who are intimidated in the kitchen get motivated!  The basic aspects of whole foods cooking in these videos can be a great starting point for anyone seeking to change their diet.

Experimentation in the kitchen can go a long way on the path of knowledge and techniques.

It is all about eating as close to nature as possible: choosing local foods as they are in abundance with the seasons, and organic when possible.  This will help you shift your diet away from nutritionally poor foods that are refined and processed (things made with flours, preservatives and too much salt that throws your mineral balance off), and on to whole foods that are colorful, tasty and full of life and nutrition.

Cooking for yourself, your friends and your family is your key to feeling more vitality on a day to day basis.  And that vitality is your first step for the energy and the motivation to make real changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Share and give thanks for the abundance available to you!

Dr. Paul Gannon, naturopathic physician

Cooking at a yoga retreat in Santorini, Greece