Tammy Tibbles, Award Winning Digital Product Manager

Dr. Gannon has helped me with several complex medical challenges. He is thorough, patient, and very knowledgeable. His expertise is evident in his quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. He incorporates naturopathic, homeopathic, nutritional, and spiritual methods. His fees are comparable to fees of other medical professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Gannon.

Tricia Bannister,Expand Wellness Consulting and Coaching, Phuket, Thailand

Dr Gannon is one of the most passionate people and thorough practitioners that I have worked with. As a patient I can feel how deeply he cares and always feel supported. His remedies are always progressive, and he’s always able to tackle the most challenging chronic (or acute) conditions that I bring him!

Lorna Kleidman, World Champ in Kettlebell Sport, Personal trainer & Founder at SPRY® Method and KettleX®

As a competitive athlete, my health and recovery is vital to my performance. Dr. Paul has always guided me in the right directions with nutrition, supplementation and overall health-care maintenance. I highly recommend him!

Paula Hamilton, Ohio

Dr. Paul brought my life into balance. His expertise in Naturopathy and Homeopathy is unparalleled. In the last 12 years that I have been his patient, he has helped me to overcome health issues that I sought assistance for since childhood without success. I have recommended Dr. Paul to friends, family and colleagues. He is an excellent doctor.

Cyril Amini, Director of Food and Beverage at PGA Tour

Dr Paul pulled me out of a deep hole I was in from a health perspective! Dr. Paul’s recommendations helped me to overcome a high stress level, lack of sleep and lack of energy. It really worked for me within a week. Dr Paul put me on the right path of taking care of my body. I was amazed by his immediate results, and frank and honest approach to medicine. Thank you forever! 

Dayna Horton, Sotheby's Intnational Real Estate, Aspen, CO

Dr. Paul has and continues to be an incredible listener and absolute expert in the field of medicine. I was able to eliminate some serious pathogens with his guidance and knowledge of the both the traditional western medicine approach and that of the Naturopathic approach. Over the last 10 years, Paul has been available and extremely responsive to any of my needs. He is the best in his field and I have recommended him to both friends and family, with great success.

Tanya Hughes, Healing Arts Designer & Facilitator

Paul is an amazing naturopath and healer. Passionate and well informed, he balances both timeless medicinal arts and contemporary scientific findings. Not just physician, but truly working to serve your highest good.

Dr. Gannon is a naturopathic physician with 20 years of experience helping people of all ages and conditions with complimentary medicines including homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, lifestyle counseling, detoxification protocols, and bio-therapeutic remedies.

He specializes in women’s health, gastrointestinal overhauling, cancer co-management, as well as chronic disease and detoxification programs.

Having graduated in 2000 from Bastyr University in Seattle he has been in private practice ever since, which included five years as a naturopathic oncology provider at a Philadelphia hospital.

Dr. Gannon does public speaking by request on many health issues, in addition to having many cooking and speaking videos on YouTube. He is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

This video highlights some basic supplemental nutrients and the use of homeopathic Occillococcinum to help enhance your body’s integrity against viral infection.
This video highlights useful tips for combatting stress and anxiety from the current circumstances. The end of the video highlights the most powerful tool that I know of for remaining positive!

Naturopathic physicians attend four year medical schools and are trained as primary care doctors who use a functional medicine approach.

Naturopathic doctors are the foremost experts in the world when it comes to employing the most effective complimentary medicines for your health goals.

No other licensed health professional in the United States or Canada has the same amount of training in integrative medicines as naturopathic doctors do! 

If you are looking for help with complimentary medicines, the training and experience of a naturopathic doctor is unparalleled.

Dr.Gannon offers naturopathic holistic health wherever you are!