Wakame Seaweed Salad

A simple and delicious way to get iodine into you body.  Iodine is not abundant in the western diet, despite being used by all reproductive tissue in the body.  You will love this salad, even if you think you do not like...

Brown Rice

A cooking video demonstrating how to make perfect brown rice. Geared for the person who has not tried it before and is curious about adding this wonderful food to their diet.

Sauteed Leeks

A cooking video demonstrating how to make leeks. Leeks are the perfect base for soups and many other dishes and Dr. Gannon shows you how to make them melt in your mouth!

Basic Soups Made Fabulous

A cooking video on how to make perfect and delicious soups easily with any ingredients you may have on hand. Dr. Gannon discusses how leeks lend themselves to being a key ingredient for soups that will nourish and inspire all those who eat it.